Blue Bird Bistro Kansas City – Local Farm to Table Restaurant

Blue Bird Bistro Kansas City is a local farm-to-table restaurant in the historic west side, not far from downtown Kansas City. It’s a terrific local spot to eat farm-to-table in KC!

If you haven’t been to the historic westide, you have to go and check it out. There are some amazing local restaurants like Westside Local and Chez Elle, and of course Blue Bird Bistro.

Blue Bird Bistro is on the corner of 17th and Summit (very close to 17th and Broadway). It’s a great spot in a quaint neighborhood with a ton of character!

Blue Bird Bistro features local farm to table fare with some amazing options on the menu.

Blue Bird Bistro Kansas City: Sneak peek at their menu:

blue bird bistro menu


farm to table local restaurant kansas city

Here is a sample of what some previous customers have said about Blue Bird’s food:

This is an excellent little area with this little gem concealed in there. The menu was complete of healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian choices and the service was simply as excellent.

Terrific cup of coffee. If I lived in town I ‘d be a routine!

My partner had the black bean burger with sweet potato french fries, extremely moist and yummy. I had the meatloaf on a bed of mashed potatoes. The gravy is lickable!! What excellent food!
My better half had a bloody mary, I had the margarita, both were effectively made, they do not stint the alcohol.
If you are on the “West Side” of K.C. you need to check them out.

I met some work buddies here for breakfast recently, and it was my very first check out to Blue Bird Bistro!

We needed a location in midtown to accommodate folks from all over town. Not gon na lie – it was quite challenging to discover a location open for breakfast in midtown early in the week! That was BBB’s very first win: being OPEN!

Because we were a medium-sized celebration, I made an appointment ahead of time, and they were really accommodating to the ask.

I understand the area quite well, having actually been to a couple other dining establishments within a couple of feet of here, so I was a little anxious about the parking circumstance. Great news – on Tuesday early mornings, it’s MUCH much easier to discover street parking up here than on the weekends !! I understand, I understand … huge surprise. It was certainly a relief!

When we strolled in, I was rather shocked to discover just one other celebration seated for breakfast. That’s when it struck me: that needs to be the factor nearly no locations are open in midtown for breakfast on a weekday – no one reveals!

… we quite well had the location to ourselves! They sat us in a backspace location that was incredibly charming, and appeared like it would make a good location for even bigger celebrations! I would need to state that historical appeal and character are this location’s strengths, for sure!

The menu has plenty of choices, the majority of which are in your area sourced and natural!

I wished to accept the method, so chose the Tofu Scramble, which was actually scrumptious! The side biscuit was most likely my preferred part of the meal, however the side of potatoes were the disappointment. I will not venture a guess to the factor, however there was an odd taste to the potatoes, so after a couple bites, I needed to leave the rest behind.

Costs are another intense area – for what you get in between quality and amount, I would state that the worth here is quite strong!

If you’re searching for breakfast in midtown, open for company on weekday early mornings, with great food and fantastic appeal – this could be a fantastic alternative!

Blue Bird Bistro Kansas City

If you’re looking for a great local farm-to-table restaurant (we think you should be!), make sure you check out Blue Bird Bistro!